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Emily Grace Goldstein

Emily Grace Goldstein


Arcata City Council Member

Hi, I’m Emily! I have always been passionate about social justice and equity from a young age even before I had the words to describe this. I started my journey in middle school by educating my peers, as well as adults, about the harms of climate change and advocating for policy changes to fight against and reverse these harms. I continued my activism in high school working for LGBTQ+ rights starting with the fight for Marriage Equality in California. 

I received my Bachelor’s in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Humboldt State University which gave me the tools to understand the ways in which systemic oppression presents in society, and grew my passion for social justice. While earning my Master’s in Social Work with a focus on Public Policy at the University of Washington in Seattle, I developed skills to build concrete change. I knew I wanted to focus my work in Arcata to give back to the community that had given me so much. I now work as a Health Policy Coordinator promoting public health policies in Arcata and throughout the rural north coast. I’m a big picture thinker and an action-oriented doer. 

I grew into an adult in Arcata and have found tremendous love and support from the community here. The way people smile at each other on the street is just one of the ways Arcata is a truly special place. I may not have been born here, but I have chosen Arcata to be the place to dedicate my work in public health, and where I am building my life. 

My favorite things to do are play with my dog Libby at Moonstone Beach, hike in the community forest, sunset walks at the marsh, and frequent local restaurants for some delicious takeout.